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A medicine first discovered in the 1950s with widespread adoption for use by anesthesiologists for sedation, has since continued to demonstrate a well-tolerated and highly favorable safety profile. In recent years, it has become better known for its effectiveness in helping with mental health-related matters.

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The medicine

The data from studies suggests that ketamine used alone as a medicine is an effective treatment for various mental health-related matters such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. While there appears to be some benefit for other psychiatric indications, the investigations are ongoing, and more will be revealed. There is evidence to suggest that treatment with ketamine when combined with psychotherapy can extend the effects of the treatment.  



In most cases, it appears that medication combined with psychotherapy will outperform one or the other on their own. When psychotherapy is combined with ketamine, it seems that they increase the effectiveness of the treatment. We generally take a combined approach to treatment with ketamine, incorporating evidence-based psychotherapy tools to address the roots of suffering.



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