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Ketamine treatment

The model of treatment this clinic offers seeks to ensure that the person is adequately supported through the process. The standard model we follow allows for structured support within, but in some cases, we may work with other providers in the community who may provide what we feel is the necessary support for the process. Depending upon the individual, there may be more or less necessary "preparation" or "integration" work that needs to be done in between medicine sessions.  

The process on the right is a general outline of what to expect the flow through the care continuum to look like.


Please reach out with any questions you have about the process.  

Medical evaluation

A thorough review of medical and psychiatric history to determine whether this treatment is indicated and appropriate. Efforts are made on the front end to ensure there are no obvious reasons this treatment would not be a good fit. Some preparation will take place in this session.  

Appointment length: 50 minutes

Cost: $250 (one time)



Time spent prior to the medicine session continuing to discuss history, intentions for the session and what to expect in a session. 

Appointment length: 50 minutes 

Cost: $125 (per session)


Medicine session

Brief check in before and after the medicine session to prepare or review the experience. The effect of the medication will last roughly 45-70 minutes. 

Appointment length: 2 hours 

Cost: $375.00 (per session) 



We talk about the medicine experience and what came up. Work can be done here during what is thought to be a critical period of neurogenesis, where in many cases thought and behavior patterns that are stuck can be modified. This can take many forms and is a good place for brief psychotherapeutic interventions with evidenced-based treatment modalities such as CBT, motivational interviewing, ACT, IFS, or somatic experiencing. 

Appointment length: 50 minutes

Cost: $125 (per session) 

Get in Touch

Please reach out to discuss this further or request an appointment through Luminello. 

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