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Andrew Dudley, APRN 

I began working in the fitness/nutrition field in 2014 while doing part-time work in residential and IOP treatment centers as a support staff. I have an undergraduate degree in psychology and went on to complete a master's in nursing in 2020, trained in psychiatry. I began my work in advanced practice nursing at Vanderbilt within the division of addiction psychiatry and in 2022 completed advanced practice nursing board certification for the treatment of addictions. 

I treat with an integrative approach, combining the evidence-based conventional and integrative psychiatry tools and knowledge. I believe in partnership with those I work with to develop plans targeted at achieving their goals. Care plans are built to support resilience, and recovery. I believe in empowering individuals to access their own strength in resources to navigate the inevitable challenges life brings and in turn create endless attainment of higher points of freedom. 

I work with members of the community to provide necessary linkage to care where I may not be best equipped to provide service at the time of need. 

Who: adolescents through adulthood; ~15-65 years of age. All sexes, genders, races, religious backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs are welcome. I am committed to learning how to better help those that are not just like me.


What: trauma, insomnia, mood disorders (unipolar or bipolar), anxiety, attention disorders, OCD, addictions


  • Not sure what's going on? Schedule a consult call and we can discuss to see if I can help. 


Where: In-person or telehealth

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