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Andrew Dudley, APRN

Andrew Dudley Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Nashville TN Photo


I am Andrew Dudley, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. I believe that mental health treatment begins with good listening and collaborative care. I work with people to provide personalized care plans that aim to restore disintegration and a return to the wellness state, including work on maintenance of the wellness state. In assessment, I seek sources of symptoms and am very intentional about targeting a restorative approach where appropriate, rather than symptom-based treatment. I view mental health care through many lenses, often all important in bringing harmony to a disintegrated system. I strive to serve in a way that leaves no person feeling like a number in a system but seen as an individual with goals and potential. This is how integrative mental health care begins. 

Present, empathetic and holistically conscious.

I am a son, brother, and friend. Nashville native. Bike rider. Serial hobby enthusiast. Fly fisher. Plant grower. Music lover. Kombucha maker. Conscious creator. 

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